Coast singer Masauti recounts difficult schooling experience

The coast singer dropped out of school without regret

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He tells whether he has beef with Otile Brown.

• Masauti has anew EP out called This is me.

Masauti was a aschool drop out
Masauti was a aschool drop out

It's never easy for a celebrity to open up about how they performed in their school days. Many are trolled about their results, and even politicians who have shared their results are never spared online ridicule.

Most recently was teen singer Trio Mio who up to now has refused to tell what he attained in his exams, telling people to mind their business.

KOT were rather incessant in their demand that he make it public, but he never did, leaving it up to speculation.

Singer Masauti attempted to disclose that kind of information in an interview with Oga Obinna on the Kula Cooler show.

Masauti whose real name is Ali Mohamed Said said he is a school dropout. He expressed surprise at joining high school considering his dismal performance in KCPE.

'Dah' he said to Obinna, suggesting he failed. He went to many schools, mentioning at least three different institutions. The Mombasa-born native told Oga Obinna that he noticed his journey was in music.

"Ah noma," he added, "Noma ipepete, ilinipepeta yani ni kusema ukweli wacha nikuwe honest, hata mtu akiniona asiniulize maswali ama vipi," he shared.

He said that he performed poorly and education was not a favourite thing of his to do

"Bwana sikuwa vizuri, sikuwa vizuri kabisaaaa kabisa. So at least nikafika hapo form mbili, nikaachilia hapo lakini results za Class 8 hazikuwa vizuri.

Ni ile tuu niliskuma skuma mpaka form two lakini niliona hata sijui nilifika aje form two. Ilikuwa noma, hapo form one sikuwahi kusoma hata nikashangaa niko form two hio form one hata sijui nilipita aje.

Lakini Alhamdulilahi, Mungu ni nani akikunyima hapa anakupatia huku akasema kijana yangu we ni mwimbaji si msomi fanya uimbaji wako bora tuu utie bidii."

He also told that he dropped out for another reason, "Ilikuwa no money." He thanks God for musical success in spite of failing in school.

He has collaborated with several notable musicians including Mr. Seed, Nadia Mukami, and Khaligraph Jones etc.

He is dating, and they have been together for a while. He prefers to keep information about her identity secret.