Lucy Natasha lists her biggest challenge about being a pastor

The preacher is the founder of the Oracle of God Ministry


• Rev Lucy Natasha reveals that ministry work seems easy, but it is not.

Rev Lucy Natasha
Image: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with, city preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha explained how serving God can be stressful and tough.

She said that people's expectations of women/men of God is a serious test for her.

"Serving God is sometimes stressful because people put you in the standard of perfection when in the ministry, people judge you from the point of perfection and we are not perfect."

Being a preacher who is all over social media and always in the limelight, the confident and buoyant pastor revealed that it comes with challenges but the positives are way too much saying that;

"I have challenges but it also gives me the platform to win more souls, raise more leaders, make more disciples making the blessing to be more than challenges."

Rev. Natasha also disclosed that she started preaching at the early age of 9 as she is a third generation preacher in her family narrating that;

"I have been preaching since I was nine years since my calling came early, my mother and grandmother are both pastors which is more than a calling since I have served God all my life."

Speaking about children, the renowned pastor voiced that she would wish for her future kids to follow her footsteps in the gospel ministry vocalizing that;

"I believe our children will be taught of the lord and that is my prayer but if they choose any other career they are also free but my desire is for them to serve God."

A while back, it was rumoured that Natasha owned a private jet and on that, the preacher did not agree to anything but just clarified that;

"We don't talk about material things because we don't measure our impact with material things we have but based on many lives that we have been able to touch."

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