Reason Rev Lucy Natasha and Carmel have a long-distance marriage

The preacher also disclosed that their relationship is mostly long distance


• Two months ago they celebrated their first marriage anniversary.

Lucy Natasha with Prophet Carmel.
Image: Courtesy

Renowned City pastor Rev Lucy Natasha praised her husband who is also in the gospel ministry Prophet Carmel for being her best friend, prince, and destiny partner as she talked about her marriage.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, she also disclosed that their relationship is mostly long-distance as they have ministries in countries like Canada and India.

She explained that she has learned that it takes commitment, devotion, and effective communication for the union to work.

"One year in marriage has been amazing, and one thing I have learned in love beyond borders is communication, compromise, and commitment, I married my best friend and my prayer partner, prophet, my king.

That's the best part of being Carmel's wife and he is currently in Canada winning souls and populating heaven and will be back soon," She explained.

In the previous interviews, the flamboyant preacher said that she met her husband online and had ignored him for about two years.

On that, she explained that she had to reply to his messages because of his consistency and the approach he took;

"I looked at the kind of messages he was sending me and one time I just felt like I had to reply since he also wanted us to meet to connect with me in person and was willing to fly in person and I just saw the seriousness in him and his persistence." 

Further adding that they first met in one of their kingdom assignment saying, " After we met and went for a date I just felt that we were connected"

About her dating as a woman of God, she said that it had been challenging to her since " People tried to approach me in very spiritual ways but when Carmel came, he was very different and talked to me in a very baby girl way," adding that she just loved how Carmel addressed her.

She also advised single ladies saying," Get a person that is in alignment with your passion or calling marry somebody who values you, understands you and will never confuse you, and just marry someone you are compatible with and who is in line with your faith."

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