Size 8 - Pray for your men's growth

The preacher was doing well off when she met Dj Mo


• Size 8 has been married to Dj Mo for 10 years

• The couple has been blessed with two beautiful children.

Size 8 reborn
Image: Instagram

The city preacher Size 8  spoke about how she met her husband Dj Mo and the condition the Dj was living in during that period in an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi.

The mother of two revealed that  the first time, she met the Dj, she had to ask  God in prayers and fasting if he was the one meant for her further  explaining,

" You know God said that you should see him in the spirit, I fasted and prayed and even spoke in tongues na bado naletewa tu Samuel Muraya Kanyigi is your husband."

She then continued by explaining the living condition Dj Mo was living in and describing it as a " humble beginning" adding that she did not meet him at the top since he just started life but it has been just a process as the years go by.

"Dj Mo alikua anaishi kwa choo ya kuchuchumaa tuseme tu humble beginning,Gari yake ilikua tu inajaribu,nyumba pia ilikua tu inajaribu choo na bafu ziko pamoja zimepatana."

She then advised younger girls to keep praying noting that nothing comes on a silver platter and they should pray for their men's growth.

In previous Interviews, the Mateke hitmaker revealed that she was doing well off when she met Dj Mo but he later caught up disclosing that she had two other suitors who were wooing her and seemed well off yet on the other hand the man she loved Sammy Muraya alias Dj Mo was in his humble beginning.

"When I met Dj Mo there were two rich men, with good standing in the society that pursued me. Walikuwa wameomoka! On the other hand, Dj Mo was just starting up."

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