Size 8 clarifies what she meant by saying she prays before making love

The city preacher asks the Holy Spirit to get her in the mood whenever her husband wants intimacy


•  She is currently a singer turned- preacher.

• The preacher is also a mother of two beautiful.

Size 8 reborn
Image: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with, Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 explained her sentiments after saying that she always prays before getting intimate with her husband DJ Mo.

The Mateke hitmaker had said that she always ask God for the strength to satisfy her hubby and vice versa. 

The mother of two explained that you don't have to shout but just pray in silence in your heart;

"I'm not saying that before you have twa twa ni lazima shout, don't shout unaomba kimoyo moyo and you let God take over"

In addition to that, the gospel artist further said that prayers are important in marriage because the devil is real and has an agenda of breaking marriages further advising married people to incorporate prayers in their romantic and intimate lives and always involve God every time they engage in intimacy adding that;

" Women should pray and travel in the spirit, when you know your man is not around just pray for your twa twa. The devil is real, Hataki watu wameoana wapatane, just invite the person who invented Twa Twa"

The city pastor urged couples who have problems in their bedroom lives to invite God.

The preacher then addressed fornicators saying that God loves intimacy between married people.

Size 8 reborn is not the first woman of God to say that prayers are important before intimacy, Pastor Sue Munene in 2019 advised couples to be praying before getting intimate saying that;

"It is very important to pray for this game because the origin of this game is God, so if it is God who initiated this game then we have to pray about it," she advised amid cheers from the gathering. 

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