Janet Mbugua reveals secret behind her youthful looks

The former news anchor is enjoying a period of sobriety

• The mom of 2 has explained the reason behind her attractive glow.

• JShe added that being sober has helped her stay young and more attractive.

Janet Mbugua.
Image: Instagram/Janet Mbugua.

Media personality Janet Mbugua has explained the reason behind her attractive glow. In a recent interview with Word Is, Janet said being sober has helped her stay young and more attractive.

How do you main a young look and what is your skin routine?

"My young look. I have not taken alcohol for one and a half years, since December 2021. I remember where I was and what was happening," she said adding that she does not have a skin routine.

Janet further said staying sober is a big thing for her as it has helped her eat healthily and drink a lot of water.

"It is not a big deal but it is one of those things I stopped doing for reasons that I know and what it does is that it helps me eat a bit healthier and drink a lot of water and eat healthily it could explain."

Janet added that minding her own business is also a good way to stay younger.

"I am just taking good care of my body and my health. Hydrate and mind your business. That is the secret to living a healthy beautiful life."

Janet was interviewed while attending 'The What Women Want Summit', hosted by Pinky Ghelani on Friday.

The summit brought together a host of talented speakers all under one roof to talk about how women can be empowered and inspired and how they can heal themselves to show up whole for their families, for work, and most importantly, for themselves.

Being in the media for almost 20 years, Janet also shared her encounter with social media bullies. She said the worst was when she was body-shamed for being pregnant and still working on TV.

"I pushed back and it became a conversation. I didn't take it lightly that women were abused for carrying a life," she said.

She also encouraged people to use the 'block' feature on their social media for their peace of mind.

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