Interesting discover Janet Mbugua made during Huru's birthday

Janet Mbugua was celebrating her first born son, Huru

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Huru turned seven yesterday.

• Janet is a mother to two boys, Huru and Mali.

Manchester themed party for Janet Mbugua's son
Janet Mbugua Manchester themed party for Janet Mbugua's son
Image: Instagram

Media personality Janet Mbugua has shared lavish photos from her son's 7th birthday.

The party was football + Formula 1 themed, and from the look of things, Huru is team Manchester and United loves speed.

Here are a few screen grabs,

Janet captioned the moment;

"For some reason, quite a few children I’ve interacted with, like the song, (Believer by Imagine Dragons). They belt it out when it’s playing, which is apparently about someone who finds meaning in the pain in their life.

I’m still reflecting on it 😀 Maybe they just like the beat, and I’m overthinking it!"

Disclosing how it went down,

"Because Huru has begun to understand more about how Reels work, he requested that I use this song, one of his current favorites, to commemorate his birthday and they both asked that I wear the same dress that I had on, on Mali’s birthday.

They have agency, children of today 😃 Let’s support that 🙏🏾Thank you to ajani house for the Football + Formula 1-themed cupcakes and birthday cake..."

Janet posted a heartwarming message celebrating Huru, yesterday, as she said,

 "One minute you’re cradling them as newborns in your arms, the next, they’re almost your height! (Height from dad, no doubt!) Happy 7th birthday, Huru. Where did the time go," she wrote.

She went on to state that watching her two sons grow was an honour.

"We love you beyond. I’d always hear parents thank God ‘for bringing their child this far’ and I get it now.

Because it’s an honor and joy and blessing to watch them grow. Even when half the time you’re not what you’re doing! But, you do your best, always.

Now parenting a 4-year-old and 7-year-old, what a journey!"

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