Daddy Owen: People gossiped about my separation but didn't know the real story

The musician revealed that he had to develop a thick skin to deal with online bullies.

• Daddy Owen recently shared his experience with online bullies.

• Owen said trolls take a toll on most people.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen Daddy Owen
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer Daddy Owen recently shared his experience with online bullies. Speaking to Mpasho's writer Elizabeth Ngigi, Owen said trolls take a toll on most people.

"Social media hate can affect someone. I can only imagine someone who doesn't have a skin as thick as mine!" he said.

"I guess because I am an old dog with the capacity of handling new tricks, I have been there before cyberbullying and I got used to hearing negative or positive stories about me."

Owen said one of the worst situations with bullies is when someone insults you using something personal, like body shaming or a personal situation.

"When my separation story was trending, I could see people even in WhatsApp groups discussing me, yet they don't know the real story," he said.

Owen said he is no longer bothered by haters.

"But when someone uses your situation as an insult, nowadays it doesn't bother me. I clap back or respond, the reason being at least I am so sure he or she knows about me," he said.

He said his tagline nowadays is:

"Don't let a tweet that was written in 20 seconds make you doubt your 20 years' experience and achievements."

State House DJ Euphoric also told this writer that he has been cyberbullied although he has a thick skin.

"I think it all depends on how strong or weak you are to handle that situation. Haters will always be there, but I concentrate on the positive comments only," he said.

He also noted the positive impact that social media can have on a society saying;

"Some people can afford a few data bundles but not a TV set, and so when there is a message that I want to send across, it is very easy."

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