Daddy Owen clears air on dating and remarrying intentions

Daddy Owen is not going on dates

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Daddy Owen is divorced.

• He had recently said he wants a Kienyeji woman.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen Daddy Owen
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Daddy Owen has cleared the air on the type of woman he wants to date with the possibility of it leading to marriage again.

The Vanity singer told content creator Mwende Macharia that he hangs out with people but didn't want to define it as going on dates.

"That's a very interesting topic. you know as time goes by you realize there are things that you don't know how you end up embracing when it comes to getting married I don't think I can wake up in the morning and say yes I will ama I won't"

Owen has been trending after revealing that he wants a Kienyeji as his next wife.

He explained his intention to remarry

"Understand because once you have been there ni kama mtu aliniambia when women give birth they are asked if they will do it again, now you get my point, but eventually when they look after this child they say they want another one.

So life is like that I can't say that I will get married this time or say I will never get married again. Where I am right now I'm just there. I'm open to anything but if it doesn't happen *shrugging shoulders*

"Is he actively dating?

Owen told "No I'm not" shaking his head.

He urged Mwende to describe what a date is when she looked at him in disbelief.

What is a date? He pondered, Mwende described that it's two people going for tea or coffee and then leaving their separate ways.

He asked again

"So if I come here with you we drink tea then leave separately, that is a date" Mwende said no.

Owen reacted that " then Chai basi nimekunywa, "

He also described his ideal woman again but insisted she is not necessarily a Kienyeji.

"I gave a description of my preference and then the KOT with their creativity ran with it and described it the way they want and it stuck."

He continued that

"I said I'm not looking for someone to date right now but given a chance ill look for someone maybe who was brought up in the village.

I was brought up preferably dark skinned so the moment you sat those two things everyone assumed she's a kienyeji."

Daddy Owen also got candid about dating

"A the moment I am not trying to date, but given a chance..." he speculated

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