Esther Wahome's sincere wish for President Ruto

She highlighted it felt hurtful constantly mentioning countries doing better than them while Kenya was endowed with so much talent

• The press conference was held by creatives from both the gospel and secular entertainment scenes.

• They highlighted that they felt their money was being stolen by authorities meant to protect and pay them.

Esther Wahome.
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Today a blended mix of both gospel and secular artists held a press conference at the Kenya National Theater to address the predicaments that entertainers have been going through.

Some of the complaints launched by the musicians include the fact that they feel their money is being stolen by authorities that are meant to protect and pay them.

Airing out their grievances reverend Esther Wahome stated that it was painful constantly mentioning countries that were doing better than them while Kenya was endowed with so much talent.

"I'm a pioneer gospel musician with a head of state commendation from the former president late Mwai Kibaki, I've been here for quite a long time and I can say the journey has not been easy.

It has been a rough journey and we look forward to the days that Kenya will be like Nigeria and South Africa," started off the 'Kuna Dawa' hit maker.

She went on to add, " It's very hurtful to mention other countries when Kenya is rich in the creative arts sector yet we are not seeing what we ought as per how gifted/talented our creative artists are. "

I would want to say we are very hopeful now that we have a new president, we are very very hopeful that we are going to have better structures even as we push for things that will help us earn our rightful revenue."

Esther highlighted that playing 75% was one thing but where the money goes is an entirely very different thing.

"We need to be sure once we head to the right step, is the money going to find itself to the creatives who deserve it?" mused the gospel artist.

Speaking on what the future looks like and why they'd decided to hold the meeting, genge tone artist Zzero Sufurri said that it was a way to signify that great change was coming.

Genge tone artist Zzero Sufuri
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He also said he was proud of all the artists who'd come together for the course.

"I'm proud of you and the future is bright for all the artists and any talented people out there who have hopes....

Yeah and to anyone out there who is willing to chip in to make this deal possible, to ensure artists get what they deserve  yeah thanks. The future is bright, you all should feel good because it is not everyday that people meet to discuss solutions.

Especially solutions to the predicaments that artists have been going through... coming up with an initiative for us to help one another is a blessing," the "Zimenishika" hit maker said.

He went on to joke that he was overwhelmed by the media presence highlighting that the cameras were scaring him. As if he's not a recording and performing artist.

"Naskia fiti! Hizi ma camera ni mingi aje, zinanishtua... ni mingi but inafaa hivyo," said the genge tone artist as the crowd burst into laughter.

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