Saumu Mbuvi to stop sharing personal life online, here is why

Saumu is currently doing charity in the city

• Saumu will not be posting too much about herself

• She will focus on her charity projects

Mike Sonko's daughter
Mike Sonko's daughter
Image: courtesy

Mike Sonko's first-born daughter Saumu Mbuvi is planning to keep her life out of social media.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the mother of two claimed that there are evil eyes monitoring people's progress on social media and casting spells, especially when they see someone thriving.

Speaking to Mpasho's Elizabeth Ngigi, the mother of two said she is focusing on things that inspire society.

"I am currently running projects that will help those people who do not have food, I will be posting much about the work I am doing more than my personal life," she said.

Asked if she will put her handles private, Saumu said they will be public with less about her family information.

Over the weekend, she posted videos and photos of her feeding the street children in town.

On her Instagram page, Saumu advised her fans that not every progress should be posted on social media.

"There are evil eyes on social media monitoring your progress and casting spells and incantations on your pictures. If it's special to you, don't post it,'' she wrote.

Saumu added;

"I am limiting my battles, no more feasts for witches and envious, jealous people!” read the post that Saumu shared on her Instagram stories on November 1, 2022, and commented on it by saying, “Dark souls everywhere, so sad."

A few weeks ago, she talked about hitting the gym after her two daughters are now big enough and involving her fans on the journey.

"Stage 1 ya kulea imeisha (of raising babies is over). Now back to finding your old self. Best therapy in life. I will take you all through my journey. Fitness will be my number 1 priority now,” Saumu said in several captions on October 28, 2022."

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