Eko Dydda addresses cheating reports that almost ruined his career

Eko Dydda disappointed how media ran with his cheating reports

 • Dydda says his cheating scandal was blown out of proportion because he is a Christian.

 •  His wife Cynthia shared a cryptic message hinting that he cheated on her with her best friend.

and his wife Cynthia Ayugi
eko dydda and his wife Cynthia Ayugi

For the first time ever, Gospel music superstar, Eko Dydda has addressed a cheating scandal dating three years back almost brought to an end his illustrious career.

Dydda who was speaking to Mpasho's Hannie Petra, said he was shocked and utterly disappointed by how the story was all over mainstream media. 

“I have been married for many years and I have a beautiful family," he said.  

"The way the media and the public ran with the story left me wondering why they have never written about it when things were OK. People were lashing at me yet they had no proof, they were just acting on allegations. Kenyans love celebrating failure, we volunteer to bring down others yet we never support others.”

He wonders whether the scandal was blown out of proportion because he is a Christian and went on to state that he stood by his friend DJ Mo who was also involved in a cheating scandal a while back.

“I doubt whether people judged me because I was a Christian. It just tells us the kind of people we are, we are hurting on the inside.

My message to the media is a story might have views but choose to focus on the good things. You will sow what you reap.

A while back, Dydda's wife, Cynthia Ayugi shared a cryptic message which raised eyebrows. In the message, Cynthia hinted that her hubby cheated on her with her best friend.

She wrote,

“Breaking someone’s marriage is not Godly. I invited you as a friend, today you tell Eko Dydda not to bring me home because your love will not grow.

 It’s not a battle,@ekodydda you don’t have to hide it anymore.

Your ‘DOPE’ is free to love you, sometimes it’s healthy to walk away. Today is that day, I will not hide it for fame, or money, I will stand with the truth and will never lie to people."

The two have since sorted their issues have been lowkey given that Dydda has taken a break from music and that has shielded them from public scrutiny.

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