•Of late, Tifanny has been posting cryptic posts on her social media calling out people who have tendencies to be two-faced.

Bensoul with baby mama Tiffany Muikamba
Bensoul with baby mama Tiffany Muikamba

Sol Generation's lead act Bensoul has kept mum about his relationship with his baby mama Tifanny Wanjiru.

The two are expecting their first child together.

In a past interview with Mpasho, Bensoul said, "We are good, and I would like to stop there. That is my personal life, anyone who would want to see it can see it for themselves. I will not be answerable for anything." 

A section of social media fans has been wondering how Bensoul's relationship is still intact even after he impregnated another woman. 

To the commentators, Bensoul says, "Everyone was given a mouth, let them talk as they wish. It doesn't concern me anyway."

The 'I deny' hitmaker was further asked why he wishes to be silent on the issue yet his baby mama is open to the discussion. 

"Everyone has a mouth they can answer what they want or refuse to answer. So if I refuse to answer it is my decision and I won't prevent her from talking," Bensoul added. 

Well, Tifanny talked to us. Check out the interview below.

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Asked if her dad watched the interview that Bensoul did with Mpasho, Tifanny said, "No. But I got people, like some of my followers tell me 'Oh your baby daddy had bashed you online!' and I was like I'm not going to get into the drama. So I don't know about the interview or anything."

Of late, Tifanny has been posting cryptic posts on her social media calling out people who have tendencies to be two-faced.

Asked about it, Tifanny said, "Let's just say, I won't mention the names. People can just think whatever they want to think.

It is just two people who lied to me and played me because... Maybe I have a heart or something and they played me and made everything difficult to a point it made me so sick and the only way I can release my anger is through Instagram."

She added, "I feel like a lot of people go through the same sh*t and that is why I posted what I posted. It doesn't have any relation to anyone except my exes in the past and my baby daddy is not my ex."

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