• Pastor Ng'ang'a revealed all in a recent interview with Mpasho.

Pastor Nga'nga's at first-born daughter Elizabeth Nyambura wedding ceremony
Pastor Nga'nga's at first-born daughter Elizabeth Nyambura wedding ceremony

Pastor James Ng'ang'a spoke about his relationship with his late wife in a recent interview with Mpasho.co.ke. This was during his daughter's wedding.

The controversial pastor explained how his late wife had left him when she was pregnant with twins. He said,

"My late wife and I moved in together years ago. She just went and brought her clothes. She left me while pregnant with twins (one of the twins who got married on Friday ).

When I got saved I decided to go and look for her but alikuwa amenjanjaruka and told me we had not officially gotten married. But she passed on at some point. It is after she died that the kids looked for me.

That is why I adopted her (daughter) since 2000."

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His advice to young couples was for them to focus on character and not wealth.

People shouldn't be focused on wealth but rather on a person's character and good morals."

Elizabeth Nyambura was tying the knot with the love of her life Joseph Njeru on 18th/03/2022. Njeru is a pastor and a businessman located outside the country.

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