Details of what killed Elodie Zone's baby brother

He was attending a party in Riruta

• Elodie said Gachui pushed her to work harder, and was also her shoulder to lean on. 

in a file photo
The late Gachui Karanja in a file photo
Image: The-Star

You Tuber Elodie Zone took to her social media this morning to mourn a man she refereed to as her baby brother. 

Elodie shared an obituary of Gachui Karanja, without details of how he met his untimely death. 

She said the 20-year-old pushed her to work harder and was also her shoulder to lean on.

Elodie's social media post
Elodie's social media post
Image: Screengrab

Mpasho has established that the man Elodie identifies as her baby brother died after falling from the fifth floor of an apartment. 

Gachui Karanja was among was among about eight people who were attending a party at an apartment in the Riruta area.

The party turned tragic when he left and stood at the balcony before he slipped and fell from the fifth floor. 

Some of those in attendance said they thought Karanja was talking on the phone at the balcony.

They heard him scream before a thud was heard. They knew something was wrong and when they rushed out, they saw him lying on the ground floor in a pool of blood.

Nairobi police boss James Mugera said they were called to the scene and briefly interrogated those in attendance before they picked up the body to the mortuary.

“We suspect he was intoxicated at the time he fell but we are also investigating to establish if there were other issues that led to this tragic incident,” he said.

May the late Gachui Karanja rest in peace.

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