• KRG doesn't care who his ex-wife dates.
• "She's a citizen of the country even if she wants to live with a hundred men," KRG.

with Linah in the past
KRG the Don with Linah in the past
Image: Instagram

After the news that KRG the Don's ex-wife Linah was dating Mbogi Genje manager, Elvis, we called the rapper to find out what he thought of the news.

He said that he really didn't care as she was his ex-wife.

"What have you called her? Ex-wife. Exactly. She belongs to the ex side of my life."

Was his beef with Mbogi Genje that occurred a few weeks ago related to this issue?

"It wasn't related but if they want to make it related it's their choice. It's none of my business. Right now I am busy. I have a couple of things I am doing. I don't discuss people in my past. They have no value in my future."

with Linah
Mbogi Genje manager, Elvis Makutsa with Linah
Image: Instagram

Did he have any idea that Elvis was dating his ex-wife?

"I don't care cause one, she is out of my house and is no longer my wife so whatever she does outside there is none of my business. She's a citizen of the country even if she wants to live with a hundred men, it's her business. Life will catch up with her later."


"I don't have to know anything cause mimi an yule mama we don't discuss anything. Hiyo ni maisha yake, anaishi maisha yake cause me I have my own life. I have no feelings about that woman and whatever she does, that is her own life and I live my own life. That's why she is called ex-wife. We have nothing we share. If that is how she chose to live her life, then let her live her life."

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