Sipendi ujinga! DJ Mo speaks after punching Ringtone at Size 8's event

DJ Mo and Ringtone exchanged blows at the event.

• DJ Mo warns Ringtone against crossing his wife's line with clout. He  said if Ringtone apologizes, he will forgive him.

Image: Instagram

DJ Mo on Sunday chased away controversial singer Ringtone after he tried to do what he is good at, 'chasing clout' at Size 8's album launch event at the Panari hotel.

It all started after controversial singer Ringtone walked himself to the stage as "a minister of the word" but Size 8 did not recognise him as such.

Size 8 said it was only pastors who were allowed to be on that stage.

The drama escalated and the artist was ejected from the event by DJ Mo after he continuously tried to clout chase at the event.

The two even exchanged blows at the event.

Well, speaking to, DJ Mo said the artiste should choose which events to create dramas at.

"It is just that I am saved otherwise, it would have been worse. These things are always there but it is not good to chase clout at people's events," he said adding that people have put in money to make such an event a success.

Mo went on to send a warning to the artiste to respect people's hustles.

"It can't be all about clout from the same person. Choose where to chase your clout and choose the right time to do your nonsense.

My wife is on stage and you have called the media out here to speak nonsense, it would have been worse and it is a warning and if he repeats the same thing, next time it is going to be worse."

Mo said at first he was calm until Ringtone persisted.

"I was very calm at the start, but when he insisted, I got mad. He can't be this disrespectful. If you want to cross my line it is okay, but when you cross my wife's line, it becomes very personal."

Mo said if Ringtone apologizes, he will forgive him.

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