DJ Shinski on undergoing crazy culture shock in America

The popular DJ speaks of his experiences in America

DJ Shinski
Image: Insagram

Steve Nyausi alias DJ Shinski, has opened up on his life in the diaspora. Speaking during an interview with Mpasho he says it wasn't a walk in the park.

'I left when I was 18, around 2007. My mum won a green card so the entire family relocated. So I did an engineering course while DJeeying on the side.

I love deejaying since my high school days but I never took it seriously until I went to the US. After Covid, I took it full time. I would do live shows online and mixes. If Covid did not come I would not be here.'

Asked on how he coped the first years he said,

'Racism is real although it is not on the open. The culture shock was real, the snow was crazy and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I wished I was back home. 

It took me a while. There was also the language barrier, the food, it took me a while to adjust. I am now comfortable with how things are.'

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