• 'You live a fuller and happier life when you fall in love with yourself.' - Chimano

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Singer Chimano of the all-male band Sauti Sol has finally opened up on why he went public on being a member of LGBTQ community. 

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho, Chimano says he was tired of hiding it.

'It was about time, everyone has something they put in their own closet.

It might be insecurity over their body weight or their sexuality. People live in a facade because they want to present themselves in a certain way.

You live a fuller and happier life when you fall in love with yourself. By accepting your weight, your sexuality, or your addiction.

Flaws are a stepping stone to realizing what your full power is. Everybody needs to jump out of the closet in whatever thing they are hiding. Live your life be happy. We only have one life."

Asked on whether his family is supportive after he came out, Chimano said;

"My family is amazing. By the end of the day if my family loves me that's it."

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