'Akuku Danger is my boyfriend' - Sandra Dacha finally reveals (Video)

Sandra says Akuku has been her boyfriend for one year.

• "He is my type. Akuku has a heart of gold...then his smile...oh my God. He is a good person." - Sandra Dacha

Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger
Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger
Image: Courtesy

Actress Sandra Dacha has revealed that comedian Akuku Danger is her boyfriend. 

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho during a fundraiser to settle the hospital bill of Akuku Danger, Sandra said she is keen on having her bae back home. 

"Akuku is my Bae...he is my boyfriend. Now that he is healed, Kijana anafaa aende nyumbani, akule na akule ndio apone kabisa. Kijana saizi hakuli vizuri. If you gerrit you gerrit," Sandra Dacha revealed. 

The actress also revealed how long they have been together and the specific features that make her attracted to the comedian. 

"One year, unajua dawa ya balloon ni sindano. He is my type. Akuku has a heart of gold...then his smile...oh my God. He is a good person," Sandra Dacha said. 

The fundraiser held at the Kenya National Theatre on Thursday brought together comedians, actors and actresses. 

In the sitting, the artistes managed to raise about 164,000 that will be used to partially settle the Ksh 1 Million hospital bill. 

Sandra said the contributions will be continuing until she manages to get Akuku Danger home. 

The comedian has healed but can not be discharged from Nairobi West Hospital due to the outstanding bill. 

Sandra made an appeal to fans to help her take her bae home through contributing on Paybill number - 891300 , Account Number - AKUKU. 

Here is a video of Sandra's full interview with Mpasho.

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