• "I sought the advice of my doctor and he advised that I have to undergo a surgery to see if my bone is fractured." -Ringtone

Alai and Ringtone
Image: Instagram

Ringtone has revealed that he has been experiencing dizzy spells and fainting due to head injuries after his altercation with Robert Alai in 2021.

In an interview with Mpasho, Ringtone shared;

"My hand still hurts when it's cold. I get dizzy and fall due to headaches. I fear posting for fear of what people might say.

I sought the advice of my doctor and he advised that I have to undergo surgery to see if my bone is fractured.

I cannot even carry heavy stuff using this hand.

Even when I die I know it will take people time to believe as they will say am clout chasing.

We are in a generation where people never wish you well. "

In August 2021 blogger Robert Alai was charged at a Kibera court for causing grievous harm to gospel musician Alex Apoko alias Ringtone.

Alai was charged before Kibera senior principal magistrate Phillip Mutua where he denied the charges.

At the same time, the court warned him against commenting on the case on social media either directly or through proxies.

He was also charged with the second count of damaging Apoko’s car windscreen valued at Sh416,000.

He denied both the charges and was released on a Sh 1million bond or a cash bail of Sh300,000.

Check out the interview below:

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