Singer PDay
Singer PDay
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Fast-rising singer PDay says he is planning for a collaboration with Congolese singer Fally Ipupa.

"I Am headed to my favourite artiste Fally Ipupa next year and I can assure you that plans are already underway, we hope for the best."

The coast-based artist PDay came to the limelight after he collaborated with Nyota Ndogo on their song, 'Bae'.

Speaking to, PDay said he is currently doing well in the industry.

"I can say music pays. I can't complain at all so far so good."

Speaking about his new song, 'Sawa' he said just wants to inspire people who believe in love.

"The song came to my mind and as an artist, I did it to inspire those who believe in true love exists."

Speaking about the challenges in the industry, PDay said that their music isn't played enough on radio and TV.

the audio is called " sawa" its a love song done by pday ft viviana odi. subscribe like watch and coment.

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