Emmy Kosgei gifts mum a car
Emmy Kosgei gifts mum a car

 Emmy Kosgei who was in the country briefly spoke about her decision to gift her mum a car.

Speaking to Mpasho, Emmy said, "Our mothers are amazing people, and I felt that is an opportunity to celebrate my mum. My mum is very quiet and she is not demanding she is a very easy person."

She continued, "She is also ageing and I thought she needed a new machine. When we were growing up, my mum was the one who went to driving school even when we did not have a car. My mum drove my dad even before we got a driver, my mum is that strong woman. It was just a token to say congratulations, I love my mum."

Emmy said that her mum doesn't like surprises so they did not in a cleaver way, "We were being careful because surprises really shock her. When my mum graduated last year, I gifted her a car because she deserves it and that was an opportunity to celebrate her."

This holiday season, Emmy encourages everyone to appreciate their parents and gift them whatever they can because it is a way of honouring them.

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