DJ Mo shows up for Size 8's ordination into ministry as a pastor
DJ Mo shows up for Size 8's ordination into ministry as a pastor

Gospel spinmaster DJ Mo is proud of his celebrity wife Size 8 after her .

On Sunday, he expressed excitement after his wife was ordained as a pastor.

On his social media, the father of two heaped praise on the mother of his beautiful children.

"I will support you in your ministry babe. I admire your love for God. Today is your day to be ordained as a pastor and I am proud of you. Congratulations to everyone else who got this pastoral ordination," he wrote.

Speaking to Mpasho, Mo said he is still researching the best gift for his wife.

"I am not able to surprise her today since we have two events but I am researching on the best gift to give her. It's actually a good feeling since I am not going in that line, Mkingoja nikue pastor, itakua ngumu but I will support.

I am wondering what I will give her since the things people surprise their women with, she already has, kama ni gari, ako nayo etc so I have to find a unique way to do it."

Asked if they will hold a white wedding, Mo said they had a private wedding.

"We did a small wedding privately. Our parents have already blessed us. Mimi sikuiba mtu. If we have to do a party it will be for the public and not for us, we are good and blessed."

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