• "In every County, we will set up recording studios..let people record music and films free of charge." - Alfred Mutua

Governor Alfred Mutua
Governor Alfred Mutua
Image: Wilfred Nyangaresi

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has spoken about his presidential ambition and the plans he has in store. 

In an interview on Kiss 100, Mutua said he aims at amplifying the voices of youths and the less fortunate. 

" The issue of having only a few billionaires and millions who are poor is not good. It is time to change the narrative so that we can also live quality lives like our agemates in developed nations," he said. 

The Machakos Governor also divulged what made him decide to contest for the presidency. 

"I love to be in a position where I can change lives. I grew up very poor, left school because of lack of school fees...I know what it means to suffer. I later got an opportunity to go to the USA, I knew what it is to live a quality life. I feel Kenyans have been shortchanged for many years, it is our time to shine," he explained. 

Mutua, who is a film enthusiast also shared that his plan is to give a conducive platform for creatives in Kenya. 

"In every County, we will set up recording studios..let people record music and films free of charge. Right now all international films are being filmed in South Africa. In Kenya, creatives are frustrated with many procedures," he said. 

The Presidential aspirant supported a campaign by comedian Eric Omondi to have more than 75 per cent local content played in the media. 

The Governor said that his 

On Sunday, Mutua launched his presidential manifesto which entailed;

1. Double the Economy Each year by 11%

2. Create 10 Million Jobs for Youths in 5 Years

3. Ensure Smooth Business Environment to Attract Investors

4. Fight Corruption and Jail all Cartels

5. Ensure Free Healthcare and Education to All.

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