• Femi said she is not an enemy with Azziad as many people think. 

Femi One(left) and Azziad Nasenya(right)
Femi One(left) and Azziad Nasenya(right)
Image: Courtesy

Rapper Femi One has addressed the alleged 'beef' between her and Tik Tok influencer Azziad Nasenya. 

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Femi said she is not an enemy with Azziad as many people think. 

She revealed that she has even voted for the Tik Tok star in the E! People's Choice awards - where she is competing in the African Social Star category. 

"I have voted for her. If you know me in person... am not that kind of a person...am for women," Femi said. 

The rapper added that she did a diss track in the past but has outgrown that. 

"Maybe in the past, I did Pilau Njeri which I feel was necessary at that time for the music industry. But I have grown, now I am not the type of person who will put another woman down. The industry doesn't favour women, I'd be the last person to bring another woman down."

Femi acknowledged that the 'Utawezana' song contributed to Azziad's rise, but she doesn't take credit for her prosperity. 

"I can not say I made her career because I know she positioned herself...saw an opportunity and took it. It is partly her...if she did not do that video, she wouldn't have sprouted," she said. 

The rapper further spoke on why she turned down offers to do a remix of the 'Utawezana' song. 

"I felt like there is no remix that would have gone bigger than Utawezana. I got DMs from Wasafi but I did not feel the need."

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