Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian model and socialite Hamisa Mobetto has stolen Hip-hop icon Rick Ross's heart.

The rapper has it so bad, that he made their relationship Instagram official by sharing steamy videos of their night out.

Check that out below. Swipe left...

Asked if she was instrumental in breaking up Rick Ross and his fiance Lira “Galore” Mercer, Hamisa said, "I don't know where that story came from because I woke one morning, I had just come from a wedding when I woke up I'm trending. I honestly don't know much. All I know is what Ross told me."

She continued, "He just laughed off the claimed and said, 'It is your time baby, shine.' So that is it."

Adding, that the scandal did not stop him from posting comments on her page.

"He still does and I can say he is a good person for real. He really supports me in one way or the other. I'm grateful."

Ross was briefly engaged to 28-year-old Lira “Galore” Mercer in 2015, however, the pair split.

Speaking on Iyanla: Fix My Life in 2016, Lira said: Our relationship was phenomenal but then he changed. he did a lot of sneaky things behind my back."

The father of four is now head over heels with Hamisa.

In a past interview with journalist Omary Tambwe in 2021, Rick Ross said: “I have to be honest, there is a connection. How much imma tell you about it imma leave that to her."

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