Eddie Butita shocked many last week when he accused Bahati of stealing his show, Cook and Reveal, something Bahati denied during his wife's birthday party this past weekend.

"Unfortunately I've been busy, I did not watch [Butita's interview] but I don't remember doing that. You know the Bahati's are the talk of the town and I bless God for that and everyone is allowed to trend using our names. He might be attempting to reach a certain level and you know trending is not easy."

We at Mpasho called Eddie for his response. He gave an in-depth explanation of the whole kerfuffle. He maintained that Bahati had lied about not working with the comedian.

"He knows he's lying cause we started creating the show from March last year until May. From May is when the show was running. It was running on Diana's platform. I specifically wanted Diana to be the host, something the client who was funding the idea accepted as she was also working with the client."

Eddie then recapped telling us that he was the creative director for the client at the time and that they had asked him for an idea that fit their needs.

"I had one that fit with what they wanted for their target audience and demographic. So the company didn't buy my idea from me but funded the idea for specific episodes but when the budget was limited we decided to continue the idea for the second season."

This is when things started getting tricky with Bahati and Diana, with the comedian saying that he had done 6 episodes of the show with Diana before Bahati came along wanting to be one of the directors for the last two episodes.

"We were to do the second season with either Diana or a different host because we also had problems with Bahati trying to control the show and yet it wasn't his property. But we felt that we were deviating from the foundational idea and so we had to take a break and get a clear picture of how we wanted this show to be done."

Eddie explained that his company and the Bahati's were still having deliberations on how the second season should be before he found out that the show had been sold.

Had he patented the idea? "No, But we (Stage Presence Media) can still prove that the idea originated with us and belongs to us. I have evidence of creating the show, even the first ideas and the first sketch. Even the guests who came to the show the first 7 episodes, I personally called them. I don't understand what is happening I felt that that was a bit rude."

Had he personally communicated with Bahati about the incident? "The first time I saw the show being sold to a different partner, I called him as gentlemen. I told him that I had seen that he had sold my show yet he and Diana were like cast members."

He added that he didn't call with any malice or bile and said that he wanted to improve the show with ideas but he said Bahati told him to go to court if he wanted.

So was Butita contemplating taking him to court? He said that he was still deliberating with his people, Stage Presence Media. "It was a collective effort and I think that I will be clear about that before the end of  the week," he finished.

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