This past weekend, interviewed Homeboyz presenter Lotan Salapei during Daddy Owen's album launch. He was a ball of fun and answered all our questions with verve and energy.

The first question we asked him was how long he had known the gospel singer? He said,

"I met Daddy Owen myself in 2006. He had his first album, "Shillingi ya Kenya", came to my school then, gave me a ticket. I won the ticket then as I was a rapper then and I kept it. Since then I became a fan favourite of his."


"Met him during this radio thing that we do and he became a really good friend of mine. So when he called me and said, 'Luta, I think we should do this thing together' (as in co-mc with Burale and Abel Mutua), I told him, 'You know what I am ready. Here I am fam.' "

So was he a fan of Daddy Owen even that far back?

"I was a big fan and still am a big fan. I can't really talk about the album, cause the album is coming out any time today (over the weekend). I am really looking forward to the music. He has always broken the limits when it comes to music. He has always brought new things to the market. He has always changed his sound, he has grown all over the years."

Mpasho congratulated him on his rumoured marriage, something the content creator denied knowing anything about, "I don't know about that. I don't know anything about marriage."

But, persisted and asked him how much dowry he paid? "I don't know, what are you talking about? I don't know where that came from, so I won't say anything," he finished.

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