Gospel singer, Alice Kamande recently spoke to Mpasho at Daddy Owen's album launch. The first question we asked her was about when she had met the musician?

"For a long time, even way before I started singing.  He is one of the people who pioneered the contemporary gospel music scene. I knew him from way back in the days as a dancer. I used to dance in some of his videos. He is very hardworking and very phenomenal."

How had she gotten to work with Dar Mjomba on the song, Shukrani? "We started working on the song in 2019 but only released the song in 2020. He is the one who came up with the song and asked me if we could collaborate together. It was a time that I was thanking God after my accident in 2019."


"Throughout 2020, it was a song that I was carrying in my heart for the great work he had done for me."

After the release of the song, Dar Mjomba got into some problems and was put in jail, how had Alice dealt with the news?

"Let me say that we have been communicating, so even when he got into trouble I knew about it. Sometimes you want to help out and be there for someone. People make mistakes and sometimes people get themselves into trouble not knowing what they were getting themselves into."

She finished off by thanking God that his situation had ended well for him;

"We were a bit hush-hush about it but we thank God that at the end of the day he got out of it. He is getting healthier and he actually even released a song recently."

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