• Daddy Owen has done 3 collabos with international artistes and 6 with local ones.

Daddy Owen's album launch
Daddy Owen's album launch

Singer  Daddy Owen launched his album dubbed Chapter iv on Saturday. 

Speaking at the launch, the musician said he has done big projects that will be featured in the album. 

In the album, Daddy Owen has done 3 collabos with international artistes and 6 with local ones.

"I have been working on this thing for so long, I believe I have done a good job. And I thank God for giving me this opportunity. 

It is a nice album, it is different, unique. The difference comes from how I have merged different producers, young producers who challenged me to do something that I have never done," he said.

In the event, Daddy Owen confirmed that the gospel industry in Kenya is dead and that is his joy. 

"The gospel industry is dead, that is the truth the only thing that should remain is gospel ministry. The Gospel industry is dead and should be buried." 

Daddy Owen explained that gospel should not be about money, rebuking the monetization of the word of God. 

"I hate when people say this is an industry, the moment someone says it is an industry it means money. For us when we started, we didn't do it for money, so when it is dying that's my joy. All I want to remain is gospel ministry," Daddy Owen said.

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