Dr. Ofweneke is normally posting a lot of inspirational quotes on his social media, with a majority of them touching on his God.

In a recent interview I had with him, the comedian explained his relationship with God telling me something that most Kenyans aren't aware of.

He disclosed that his relationship with God was very integral and that he was in fact a pastor,

"Bro, I am an ordained pastor. I was ordained as a pastor at Winner's Chapel but there was a time that I took a break from church cause I knew the church would understand my career. How would post a picture on Saturday of me doing a gig for EABL and on Sunday I am in church talking to guys?"

He added that he wanted to recommit himself as far as his relationship with God goes,

"I was just sharing with my close friend Akothee that I should go back to church. It is very weird that our generation thinks that it is bad to boldly attach yourself to God. We think that it is uncool and that we will lose some things. But that isn't true to me. Let me use 3 examples."

He then gave examples of people who had been loud and proud about their relationship with God,

"Number one is Size 8, she is richer now than she was when she was a secular artiste. Number 2 is Burale, who is Kenya's top cooperate trainer. If I call him right now, I am sure that he is in a training at the moment from parastatals to private companies. And he is a pastor."

He added a few more examples like Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry. He said that the two American juggernauts were making money and they aren't ashamed to speak on their faith.

He reiterated that his recent engagement to Christine Tenderess was more significant than most people realised, telling me,

"My engagement to her wasn't to her alone but to God also. It was now time for me to go back to the altar. I don't care if guys don't call me to emcee events. If I have to lose the world and gain God's presence then so be it. I am at that point."

He also explained that he was so serious on his stance that he was on the verge of quitting drinking,

"I am on the verge of quitting alcohol. I am also cutting back on going out. You see that the fun of life only gives you temporary satisfaction. Women, money, and drinking are all vanity at the end of the day. The vacuum cannot be filled by any human flesh like you."

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