• Conjestina's son said memories of how it all happened are fresh in his head. 

Conjestina Achieng and son Charltone
Conjestina Achieng and son Charltone

Conjestina Achieng's son Charltone has shared details of how his mum started being sick. 

It was a routine for Charltone and his mother to go to the gym, where she would hold the boxing bag for him. 

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Conjestina's son said memories of how it all happened are fresh in his head. 

“We would go to the gym and and train. But one day, we went there and she just sat at a corner, doing nothing and told me she is busy,” he shared.

His mother continued acting in a strange manner, as Charltone wondered what was wrong with his mother. 

At the time, 16-year-old Charltone lived with his mum in Nairobi, and he witnessed the situation worsening day by day.

“She locked me in the house, saying there are people after me. I was locked in the house from morning to evening, then she came back with a gift, a bicycle. The next day, she lit a fire in the house burning her important documents.. photos.”

At times, Conjestina would lock the house after lighting fire inside, and they would suffocate in the smoke. 

When all this was happening, Charltone was in class 8. His mother then told him that he can not go back to school, since he will be haunted by the 'bad people'.

He sought the help of his grandfather, who traveled to Nairobi and took Conjestina to Mathare hospital. 

Years later, his mother is still mentally unstable, and well-wishers have been taking her to hospitals. 

However, there are some people who have been lying that they will help her but disappear into thin air shortly.

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