Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo is wise enough to know that her time to seek  for political office is not in 2022.

Speaking to Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi on the set of the My Jaber music video by Hart the Band, Betty said, "There is a lot of pressure from a lot of people to run for office but I don't feel I'm ready this time."

She continued, "I feel like I'm building myself as a mum, as an entrepreneur and as a human being, I feel like I'm getting to know who betty Kyallo is for real.

With that realisation and that solid grounding that I'm on as my brand I need to exploit it a bit more, see what I can do with my youth then if God gives us life, we will see."

In a past interview with Churchill Betty revealed that running for a political post is something she has planned in her future.

"It is in my plan, I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve so far and there are a few things I need to do: package myself and think about what is it that I want to run for, but I will do it."

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