Milly Chebby and Terence Creative
Image: Instagram

Terence Creative's baby mama Eunice Wanene recently granted Mpasho an exclusive interview. In it, she spoke about her relationship with Terence and his wife Milly Chebby.

One of the craziest things she claimed concerned his wife, Milly who apparently sent her nudes to prove that she was now dating the Churchill Show comedian.

When called for comment on the story, Terence himself had this to say, "Why is this coming up now after 9 years? Why is this coming now after I have begged for my children's shared custody and was denied?

Why is it happening now after I have surrendered the kids for fate to take its course? Why now when am really focusing on building a future for my brand, family, and children?

Why now?"

When called for comment on the story, Milly Chebby was unhappy with all the claims saying:

"Kumbe we will never see the end of Eunice Wanene not again haki. Eunice should let us be now, please."

Adding, "She's tried all she can to bring us down, she even once said she will make sure Terence goes down. I see it's clear she's doing it day and night.

It's been 9 years ask her to let us be. I am tired of her witch-hunting us. She said I recently called her.  Ask her to give you evidence of me calling her and when was that. I never talked to Eunice and I will never talk to her, For now just allow me to be majameni."

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