Former gospel musician Willy Pozee speaks on clout-chasing

Willy Paul has become one of the most captivating and fascinating musicians in the Kenyan entertainment space.

Lately, it hasn't been his talent that people have been talking about but his knack for theatrics and publicity that has people calling him out for clout-chasing.

One of the most recent examples of his antics was his public pleas to Size 8 for the two to re-establish their friendship.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the man was asked whether it was true he was actually clout-chasing using Dj Mo's wife?

"How will I start clout-chasing with someone's wife? Not only that, she is also a woman of God that I respect. Sasa nianze kufundisha bibi was wenyewe kutafuta clout?"


"I mean clout is there but at the moment where I am at, I don't see myself fighting for clout.  I speak the truth and probably that's why people assume I am chasing clout!"

He then referred to the claims he had made the past weeks about male musicians selling their bodies in gay acts for money, explaining that that was been misconstrued as looking for clout.

"The allegations I made about many male musicians selling their bodies for money, is true! Wanaume huku nje ni dame za watu. You see someone has dressed well but you enter his room in the morning and all you will smell is human excrement!"

When asked for examples? A laughing Willy refused to elucidate saying he had said enough.

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