• I thought she was everything to me and I couldn't even spend time with my friends since I always wanted to be with her.

Zora actor Victor Msafi
Image: Instagram

Zora actor Victor Msafi has opened up on being left on his death bed by the love of his life battling depression.

At the time he was ill and could not fend for himself.

Victor plays the role of Zora’s (Sarah Hassan’s) lawyer while facing her husband Fella.

 To make matters worse, he deserted all his friends just because his girlfriend wanted him to, a mistake he is still paying for to date.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, he shared;

'‘I got sick for a month including battling depression, but I couldn't get immediate help since my close friends ran away from me because my girlfriend disliked them.

Due to the love, I had for her I had to avoid those friends, I regret so much.''

Victor says that not only did his ex make him drop his friends but she could also talk on the phone with other men without a tinge of shame.

‘’I thought she was everything to me and I couldn't even spend time with my friends since I always wanted to be with her.

It was a time when the first wave of the corona was at its peak.

When it slowed down and restrictions were eased she went back to her clothes selling business, at that point she could talk to her boyfriends as I listened.

She would lament how is tired of living in a single room.

She added that she was tired of going for outings without being driven in a car. I couldn't do anything coz I was having breathing difficulty.''

Thinking that the woman he thought was the love of his life, Victor was in for a shock after she left.

‘’I was affected by covid-19, she couldn't have mercy on me and left me to die on my bed in a single room in pipeline.''

Broken and dejected Victor contacted his mum to intervene and save the relationship.

‘’I gave my mum her no to talk to her, I even threatened my mum that if she can't convince her to love me back I would commit suicide.

But she still left without Mercy.’'

Like they say love is blind, Victor was brainwashed by his ex and deserted all his friends. She also bad-mouthed him to everyone thus creating enemies on all corners.

‘’She left me when everybody was my ‘’enemy’’ so I couldn't get even help from anyone.

My ex made sure that am an enemy to all my friends, any time she said she disliked my friends and our friendship should stop I did it immediately.

I lost all my jobs due to depression and was just waiting to die but I thank God came through and my life is better than before.''

At one point Victor was so sick but pleas to his girlfriend to take him to the hospital fell on deaf ears as she was busy entertaining other men.

‘’For 1yr she has been trying to reach but I am not ready to talk to her.

So when she sends WhatsApp text I blue tick, Up to now she is busy tainting my name among my relatives of mine and my friends but the good thing watu washamjua.

She is mad and regretful.''

His advice is to be careful on who you date as some people come into your life to ruin it.