Celebrity couple Esther Musila and Guardian Angel have proved that the love between them is stronger than any outside forces.

When the two announced their relationship in 2020, many thought that it was a prank they were playing to get attention from Kenyans.

However, months down the line, the two lovers stand strong amid criticism from fans over their age difference.

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Today, Esther turned  51 years while his husband is barely 31 years old. The couple has not shied away from their age difference, and have not let it dictate their relationship.

In the African culture, men are expected to date women younger than them, but for Guardian Angel, love wins.

Esther has been very supportive of Guardian's music career, including going with him to tours and also featuring in his songs.

Despite their relationship being public, the identity of Esther's 3 children and ex-spouse is a deep secret, kept only between the two of them.

And this has helped the two in building their relationship without online attacks to their families or ex-spouses.

Their relationship stands strong since fans can only focus on them, and no one else. Also their faith in God has kept them strong.

While celebrating her 51st birthday, Esther said that Guardian Angel and her 3 children have been her support, and she is loving this part of her life.

"This past year has been blissful to say the least. I have learnt to live, live for ME, and I am loving this part of my journey with the most amazing person God brought to my life, my King, my G .To my children, the 3G's thank you for your love and support," Esther Wrote on her 51st birthday.

On Guardian's part, the mother of 3 came to his life just at the right time, when he was almost giving up on his music career.

"I was empty, you filled up the space. I was incomplete, you completed me. I almost gave up on my career, you came into my life when a lot of things were falling apart but within a short while you transformed everything and brought my life into a beautiful shape. Since the first day I fell in love with you, I have always been confident that you are the one. I am proud I chose you. You have made me believe that there is true love. It is amazing how you love me."