Kisii Musician Embarambamba has irked many Kenyans after his video, dancing with a lady in a compromising position went viral.

In the video, Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma was dancing to his 'jesus is the final hit' in a night club.

This has elicited reactions among Kenyans, many bashing him for the gross misconduct portrayed.

Kenya Film and Classifications boss Ezekiel Mutua called out Embarambamba for the raunchy dance moves.

"Embarambamba, that's gross. You have crossed the line!" he said

The political class have also weighed in on the issue, calling for tough action on the KIsii artist.

"Ezekiel Mutua should stamp his authority now and declare Embarambamba a disgrace to the man race. The video doing rounds on social media is embarrassing," Wrote ODM communications director, Philip Etale.

Chief Administrative Secretary David Osiany wrote;

"Embarambamba this is grossly incorrect. You listened to cheering voices of deceit and ran yourself into destruction. What you have done today is inexcusable."

NTV news anchor Lofty Matambo also expressed his disappointment in the artist, whom he supported and gave a national platform.

"I am highly embarrassed by Embarambamba as one of those who offered him Support including interviewing him on a decent National platform. The video going round is dirty , not anywhere close to what he purports to be :- A gospel Artist," he wrote.