Freshly Mwamburi has a reason to smile after Kenya Airways' move to ease the heart ache that Stella caused him 29 years ago.

KQ said that they could not transport Mwamburi's lover due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline will treat him to a trip at the coast with his wife, Dorcas Nduku.

"We can now confirm that Stella won't be coming home this year due to travel restrictions. We are “short” of words. However, we'll be happy to deliver some gifts to her via #KQCargo. As for the one and only Mr. #FreshlyMwamburi - we are thrilled that he will be flying with us to Mombasa with his new love to ease his heartache," they wrote.

Every May 17, Kenyans recall the story of Mwamburi, who sold his land and cars to take Stella for studies in Japan.

But when Mwamburi went to the airport on May 17,1992 to welcome his lover back to Kenya, his heart was broken as Stella came with a baby and a Japanese man.

The pain that Mwamburi expressed in his song caused friction between him and his wife.

The musician said that Nduku felt like he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend.