Yvette Obura and Trevor Nzomo are no longer an item, this is after almost a year of dating that led to an engagement.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Trevor cleared the air on his breakup with Bahati's Baby mama.

He revealed that it is Yvette who chose to walk away, and he has recovered from the pain.

"For those asking niliwahwa nikaachika. Munichekelee kabisa. Mimi nililia nikamaliza," wrote Trevor.
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The news about their break up came after a fan asked Yvette if she had broken up with her man.

The mother of one admitted that they were no longer an item without going into details of when it happened and the reason.

Yvette gushed over Trevor during the Valentines period when she disclosed that she was dating.

In an interview with Radio Jambo's Massawe Japanni, Mueni's mother said that her lover does not like social media attention since he is a busy man.

Months later, the fashionista would show off her diamond ring to fans proving that she was engaged to Trevor.

However, the two seem not to be having bad blood after the break-up since they have not unfollowed each other on Instagram like other celebrities do after falling apart.

Yvette, who is the mother of singer Bahati's child has also maintained a good relationship with him and his wife Diana Marua.