Former Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey has said that she is facing a rough time after quitting her job in October 2020.

In a long Instagram post, Annitah Raey detailed her journey as one filled with hurdles, prompting her to wake up at wee hours of the night to have a talk with herself.

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"Am my biggest critic... I wake up at two am and lecture myself to kingdom come... The last two days was heavy..I left work in October...I have no idea how I have survived to be Honest..God is grateful I have never slept hungry..Yaani it's been hard hata siwezi explain,"read part of Annitah's post.

The bold Annitah said that she has been hanging on to avoid depression, but the burden is getting heavier.

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"But most importantly I never slide back to depression...Well I choose my mental health and I have kept it...Sadly I feel at the edge... I feel am losing it..I always hold it together life taught me that.. But since 4 am.. I couldn't breathe well..I have been getting crazy panic and anxiety attacks the last two weeks..,"

Due to the difficulties she has faced after quitting her job at Royal Media Services, she has asked for help to get a production house for her content creation.

"I need help to be honest I just don't know where to start with asking for it...Ave always being strong... I am the one who helps people....Asking for help is hard AF..Anyway I need a job..Am bloody good at content creation..I have content..A production house would be a blessing..Anyway its been hard on all of us..Check on your people some of us are drowning in smiles and laugher 🤗🤗" she wrote.

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The mother of two is a survivor of sexual and domestic violence that forced her to live on the streets while young.

Annitah also cited sexual harassment as the reason why she resigned from Hot 96 late last year.