There is a lot of dilemma on whether to fall in love with a colleague or not.

Apart from personal limitations, some company policies prevent relationships between workers; and in some instances, couples must pass through the Human Resource to express an intention to fall in love.

Kiss FM Presenter Chito Ndhlovu today weighed in on office relationships, saying that it is a good thing, but has to be well orchestrated.

"Wherever you find love, go for it, even if it is in the office," said Chito.

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However, the relationship expert warned about relationships between colleagues in the same department.

"If you guys are in the same department, there is a bit of an off thing there. It has to be very well thought out because it will get very sketchy."

The presenter told Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi that it may come a time when either partners has to leave the work station for the relationship to work.

"If it becomes very serious, it is wise for one to change the work place. I think it is not wise for a couples to work in the same office because, if something happens to the company all of you are all messed up," he said.

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According to Chito, a relationship between people in the same department may get boring.

"If you people are seeing each other everytime, the relationship lacks a mystery. Am seeing you in the office, at home, you will start having disagreements after some time. Couples have to discuss these dynamics before any commitments."