Comedian and businessman Jalango has opened up about how his wife, Amina Chao, is his pillar and strongest support system.

Speaking to Robert Burale on Switch TV, Jalango advised men, "Be a positive influence to her, elevate her, make her feel that pride in it. Make her be your pride. Make that successful woman be the reason that you can walk out there and say, 'You know what? This is my girlfriend. This is my wife'."

He explained that men don't step up and be leaders hence leading to dysfunctional relationships.

"The problem is when a successful woman meets a timid man or someone who was not raised to take their positions. As a man, be the leader,  be the source of inspiration, let your wife, whatever position she holds whatever she does, be proud that this is my man. She can only be proud if you yourself have taken lead and are in charge."

Jalango went ahead to give an example of how his wife supports his hustle.

"You see like my wife, for example, she does a lot of proposals for me. she also pitches some jobs for me."


"I have a team that I work with in the office and a client would call in late asking for a proposal for an activation that needs to be done and they need a marketing plan. She is in the marketing team so she will put up something and by the time I go to sleep it is ready, and she tells me this is what I want you to do tomorrow.

Jalango continued,

"I'm just like wow this is everything I need. She is my biggest supporter, being able to wake up next to her every single day at 4am in the morning and her waking up to make sure I'm dressed to go to work in the morning, tells me that she supports me and as a man I should step up...

He further explained,

I have never asked what is being eaten in that house she handles that I have a fully functioning household, we have different arguments my friend, what lands, where?... those are good arguments but if you are still arguing what meat to eat or who did what, what happened? Then no..."