Media personality Mwalimu Rachel has spoken out over sabotage claims by an upcoming artiste.

Lyrical Lenix claims that Mwalimu Rachel did not deliver on her promise to push his music based on a contract he signed.

Now, Mwalimu Rachel has come out to explain he position and the work she puts into pushing upcoming talent.

In a lengthy post online, Mwalimu explained,

“I know I cannot rely on good reasons for me to trend but when you have put effort on a project that helped you or someone else send positive vibes my way.

Speak for me in my defense on some of these platforms not because you’re following me blindly but because you either know me personally or have seen my good work. I want true supporters I feel good.

Every Friday I single-handedly sieve through hundreds of upcoming artistes music and play for the fans.

I’ve started inviting guests for interviews. You may say but that’s your job and I say no, I could be lazy and get away with it trust me! Easily walk-in discuss trending societal issues get out and get paid.

But I go an extra mile because of the DMs from upcoming artistes asking for help. I have been in the industry for 13 years now and this is me trying to give something back n the industry.

Yet all you give is negativity, demands and downright lies and filth thrown on my brand. Those who slide in my DM to encourage me, I love and appreciate you.

The same way I stick my neck for the artistes, say something in public as well when you know someone is just being malicious on me.

Evil thrives when good men and women do/say nothing. I take time to advice in my inbox about your songs.

Some of you ask questions about radio and being voice over artistes and I point you in the right direction. I have paid school fees for some of you. Credit hapa na pale.

I have helped you get jobs do you know how I got ignored starting out when I camped at celebs DMs.”