Size 8 gains inspiration from anywhere.

The gospel powerhouse spoke to a while back and she explained the reason behind her song 'Mwambie' and the reason as to why the video was shot in Mathare.

Here is what she said,

"I have a friend who got pregnant for a gangster and he was later  killed, currently i have someone who is close to me is in prison because he was a gangster.

So it's something that is not a shock it is just that right now  there is no shame, there is no sieve everything now is just done in the open .Mwambie song is actually for that crowd, am talking to them.

If you look at the video the first shot is of a man running away from the police and is about to be shot. The second character is of someone taking drugs, the video was shot by people living in mathare."

Size 8 went ahead to give more information about the character in the video.

"Like the guy who you see running was a thug he gave out the gun and surrendered the same to the drug person was also a thug and they have all reformed and have decided  to live their past behind."

Size 8 also spoke on the guy who took her to Mathare.

"These are people that i have met it is not of statistics and and i see they need hope.

There this artist guy i met his name is Jayfam he is the one who took me to Mathare, he is doing something fantastic there.

He meets  these young people and they have groups so i told him  i gonna promise once in month i will becoming here in the slums we stay together with those boys and talk.

But i cant reach all over the place you know am one person but better still why not i have a song like this that relates and speaks to them."

"Mwambie is specifically for those Gaza guys,girls and boys, guys from Mombasa who take cocaine and all those hard drugs.

Please wherever you are share Mwambie to anyone  let people talk after all this song is not for hitting this is for helping Kenya and get our children out of those crimes."