Comedian Wilbroda says she has not yet remarried because she is looking for someone who can be a good father to her son.

Speaking to Joyce Gituro on YouTube, she said since she left her marriage 10 years ago, she has dated but has not met her match.

"I have dated and even now, there is someone, although I'm looking at him with a side-eye," she said.


"What makes me very uncomfortable is that he drinks a lot and that is why it will be a problem. We are not in a relationship yet, though he has been pursuing me and already I can feel this is not it. God is telling me to wait. I am happy with who and where I am."

The mother of one says having been in a toxic marriage, she is careful with the person she will introduce her son to.

"Someone who will build me and also because I'm a mother, I want someone who will be a mentor to my son," she said.

"That is what I am looking for. As a mum, there is so much you look at because you are like, if I introduce him to my son, what impact will they bring to my son?"

She says the reason she left the marriage is that she realised her life could end up being in danger.

"There were red signs like ‘Siku moja ntafanya kitu kwa hii nyumba’. There was a lot of shouting. Some things we could sit and discuss but yeye nikushout."

It all started when they were dating.

"I would see even how he would address the soldier at the gate."

Wilbroda says the reason she stayed for that period is that it took a very short period for her to become pregnant and she wanted to settle down.

Her advice to those in the wrong marriages is that it is sad especially when kids are involved.

"I always tell people to leave and find your peace since it is the only life you have," she said. "Make your life your heaven."