Gospel music was long considered the cash cow in the music industry. And that saw many artistes change their tune and start composing gospel hits in a bid to grab the large masses who ascribe to Christianity.

As years went by, the tide changed and the gengetone kids grabbed the attention of the masses.

Most gospel stars then changed alliances from praising the all mighty to chasing after a piece of the gengetone pie.

Here is a list of gospel stars whom, fans are not really sure they are team God or team fame.

1. Jowie

Murder suspect Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu has been on a media tour to promote his debut single Nishikilie.

In an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, Jowie emphasized that he doesn’t want to be defined as a gospel artistes because the industry is full of nefarious individuals. He would rather be classified as a conscious artiste who does inspirational music.

He said,

"I'm a conscious musician. I started out by releasing a song that involves God as a thanksgiving.”



Jowie’s murder trial into the brutal killing of Monica Kimani is still ongoing. Monica’s body was found dumped in the bathtub of her posh Kilimani apartment, her hands were bound and neck slit, ear to ear.

2. DK Kwenye Beat

Gospel singer DK Kwenyte beat hasn’t recovered from a sex scandal with a Nakuru college student that involved fellow gospel singer Hope Kid.

Talking to Mpasho about the scandal in a past interview DK Kwenye Beat said,

“In between these issues, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost deals, I’ve lost reputation but what keeps me moving is that I have not lost God. Huyo tu ndio amebaki,” he said.

He has since made peace with the incident and said he has rededicated his life to God.

3. Bahati

Forgiveness, love and kindness are virtues that are preached in Christianity. But Bahati doesn’t practice any of them.

His protégé, Peter Blessings, was at the tail end of his wrath when he dared leave Bahati’s label to make a name for himself.

The poor 20-year-old singer has an ongoing court case where he is accused of defrauding Kevin Kioko alias Bahati at EMB records a total amount of 2039000 due to a contract breach.

The case is still ongoing.

Peter Blessing was thrown in jail and later hauled to court for the charges.

A good Samaritan later paid for Peter Blessing to return home and resume his form four education where he was to sit for his KCPE this year. But that will have to be postponed till next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Ringtone

The word rebuke in Ringtone’s vocabulary means to expose and embarrass fellow brethren.

Ringtone has in this past year exposed many gospel artistes saying that he only wants them to return to the good Lord and turn away from their evil ways.

The repercussions of the various expose's have left the artistes involved as laughing stocks.

A kind rebuke, even if done in public should leave a positive and lasting impression on the person being rebuked.

5. Willy Paul

Willy Paul is now a former gospel star after numerous calls by fans to declare his stand once and for all.

For the longest time, his music releases left fans questioning if he was indeed fully invested in the gospel or was he trying his hand at secular while using the gospel music tag as a safety net?

Well, he went all out and declared to the world that he is now a secular musician.

Fame won in the end.