It is common to see artistes ditching the secular world having found light on the other side but it’s not always rosy as one would expect in the gospel sector.

There is too much expectations, judgmental attitudes or just the artistes feeling less fulfilled in the gospel industry.

These are some of the reasons these artistes as mentioned below cited for shifting to the secular side.

You may think that there is too much freedom and a bed of roses by giving up on the gospel but for fans it is not an easy journey to watch the artiste you have grown up listening to shifting and drifting away from it.

Some are supportive of their favorite artist’s action while others point a finger and express their disappointments on the artiste.

Here is a list of big names that have flipped to the secular world and turned their back on God;

1. Willy Paul- The most popular name in the list has got to be Wilson Abubakar better known as Willy Paul.

Willy Paul kicked off his music career as a gospel artist with his first song that made him known by fans featuring Gloria Muiro ‘Sitolia’.

The once innocent and saved young man slowly drifted away by doing collabos with secular artists in the name of love songs until it was crystal clear that he was completely detached from the gospel industry.

The controversial artiste has been previously rebuked for his actions before finally dropping his gospel tag.

He later on cited that fellow artists in the gospel industry have been working against him and waiting for his failure.

2. Bahati- Mtoto wa mama could also not cope with the gospel industry for long.

The artiste who like his rival Willy Paul got into the scene through gospel has been having a smooth ride with fans loving his songs which talked about his life struggles.

He then decided to change his style of singing after being mocked for his old style with the likes of fellow artist Willy Paul.

The artist then welcomed the idea of collaborating with secular artists and was heavily criticized for doing so.

Come 2020 it was clear he had also followed suit by dropping his gospel tag especially after the release of his hit song ‘Wanani’.

He later cooperated with secular artists such as Mejja, Petra, Odi wa Murang’a, Ssaru and Benzema in the Wanani remix.

Speaking during an interview on Jessy Junction he came to defend his actions by claiming that leaving the gospel does not mean his faith and beliefs are lost.

Bahati has also described the gospel industry as rotten.

3. Bruz Newton- You might recognize him from the famous street song Bazokizo in which he worked together with gospel turned musician Collo.

Bruz Newton was first known for his incredible dancing skills and has been releasing gospel tunes such as witinesi.

He bowed off to the gospel industry after dropping a gengetone tune ‘Washa Moto’ which got people talking.

When questioned about his move he claimed that he is creative and cannot be confined within certain creative walls.

4. DNA- DNA first started off as a secular artist with the popular club banger Banjuka.

After a while he gave his life to Christ and was embraced by gospel musicians Kambua and Isaac Kahura by dropping his first gospel tune Mtoto wa Sonko which became an instant hit.

DNA then twisted the minds of many by flipping back where he started by doing maswali ya polisi and being part of GRANDPA’s hit songs Dumbala remix and Fimbo ya pili.

5. Kush Tracey- Switch TV presenter Kush Tracey became a known figure in the industry with the hit song Ndulu which she did with her former lover Timmy TDat.

Before that she had done some other songs. Kush Tracey upped her game with her impressive rapping skills but took a different turn while working at Switch TV as a presenter by shifting to the gospel world.

She even worked with gospel artists such as LJay Maasai in her first gospel collabo ‘Wollova’ but later on got questioned for her dress code.

It was at this period that her change was visible, Kush had given up on the gospel side and returned to where it all started.

Kush Tracey then silenced everyone and confirmed her flipping allegations when she was part of a big tune ‘Bash’ featuring Kristoff and Yvonne Darq.

6. Kim Danny- Kim Danny got into the music game as a saved gospel artist. In fact he was recognized for his hit songs such as ‘Tulia Mungu Yupo’.

Gospel seems not to be working for him and he dropped his first secular song ‘Dole’ that got fans talking.

In Dole Kim Danny is surrounded by ladies in bikinis. Afterwards he was featured in the show Real Talk with Tamima to talk about his reasons for switching to the secular world.

For him his decision was affected by the need to get more money as music is his job for survival.

Kim Danny also pointed a finger to the industry by accusing the industry of having negative energy, for the artist the move to shift to secular was rebuked.

7. Ivlyn Mutua- Ivlyn Mutua was recognized for her incredible vocals in Kuna Ndei in which Jimmy Gait featured her together with Moji Short Baba and DJ Ruff.

She continued in the same spirit doing some incredible gospel dancehall tunes until she dropped Sham Sham which officially initiated her to the secular world.

Ivlyn later on dropped Whine your body. The decision to flip to the secular side was not warmly welcomed with others accusing her of being a devil worshipper.

She is currently signed under Taurus Musik alongside Dela and Kagwe Mungai.

8. Weezdom- There has been a lot of drama surrounding former artiste Weezdom.

There was first a beef between him and his boss Bahati in which the nasty events led to him leaving EMB records where he was signed.

They later on patched things up and was featured in Bahati’s reality show. Weezdom then came with a decision that surprised fans by quitting music, a decision in which Bahati admitted to have taken him by surprise as well.

Weezom ditched his gospel tag by claiming he cannot handle the hate in the gospel industry. He is currently working as Bahati’s manager.

9. Magix Enga- Many may not know the origin of the beat king.

Magix Enga was first a gospel musician. He then rose to fame for his incredible beats as a producer in the secular world.

Magix Enga works both as a producer and a musician

10. Boondocks Gang- Gengetone sensation Boodocks gang are worth the talk.

They first admitted to joining the Gospel side as artists but felt gospel did not reflect realness in their music which defines them and then decided to join the secular side.

The group which has done a song Taniua with Bahati while he was still in the Gospel side also added that gospel is full of hypocrisy.

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