Businessman and aspiring politician Alinur Mohammed has clarified how he ended up being branded Somali bae.

Speaking to Ali Baba on Radio Jambo in the mid-morning show said he has political ambitions. The father of two said that his leadership skills are inborn. he hopes to run in Kamukunji.

"Leadership comes from God, in primary, I was a head boy from class 6 to 8, and in secondary school and university, I was also in leadership."

Talking about his community projects in Kamukunji where he hopes to run for MP come 2022, Alinur said,

"My community projects are to empower youth through sports and some came together and started a car wash for them so fat I have done three of them. Youth appreciate the help better than hangouts they are a problem. What I'm doing at the moment is not politics, but empowerment, being there for the youth to uplift them."

Ali Baba asked him about being branded, 'Somali Bae', he said,

"This name came about when the name was trending, they said I was dating Betty Kyallo. Watu wakikosa kazi lazima waigine hapa an pale waharibu jina, wanasema tuu."

He continued,

"I did not see that as a threat, at that time, I put out a statement and said the allegations are false."

Alinur was asked how he handles DMs since he is a tech-savvy politician. He explained,

"Many people slide into my DM and I cannot help everyone and there are those who want other things," he said laughing, "Before i talk to them I do my research to see if those who are DMing are genuine and that is how we then help them."